There are two ways to approach marketing; one is to have an in-house marketing department that can handle all your marketing needs and the second ways is to hire a marketing consultancy or consultant. A marketing consultancy will work in tandem with your marketing department or will work independent depending on the structure of the organization. So is it beneficial to hire a marketing consultancy or consultant? The answer is a big fat YES. Here in this article, we have looked at some of the major advantages of hiring a marketing consultancy.

1. Experience

A reputed marketing consultancy will have the right amount of experience to take your product or service to new heights. For them to establish themselves as big players, they would have to be a firm that has been around the block long enough. So say for example, you want to run a social media campaign; a good marketing consultancy will have the know-how on how to go about it through their experience of running similar campaigns over the years.

2. Deliverables

An in-house marketing department knows what the company needs and where it needs to be, but they still do have a cushion that prevents them from being on-edge. But a marketing consultancy on the other hand knows that if they don’t deliver, they will be sacked. That kind of pressure leads to a marketing consultancy taking the whole process much more seriously than an in-house marketing department.

3. Expertise



Usually an in-house marketing department will know the basics of different marketing methodologies, but won’t be experts in just one field. A marketing consultancy can bring in people with a specific expertise to handle that particular need. A marketing consultancy will have the right mix of expertise and experience to take things over the line. So if you have the budget to hire a marketing consultancy; go ahead with it, because in the long run they will cost far lesser than having to train an in-house marketing department.

4. Case studies

So if you have narrowed down on two or three marketing consultancies to choose from then it is time to pick the one firm that is going to transform your company. So to make that decisions; look at each of the firm and see if they have published case studies that highlight their skills and achievements. You should at least get in touch with previous clients, if case studies are unavailable.