There are many marketing consultants and consultancies out there. It is an extremely concentrated market and to be able to standout can become a point of bother for most people. There are some blatant errors that marketing consultants make and these errors can cost them a lot of revenue. Here in this article, we have looked some of the major shortcomings of marketing consultants and how there are simple ways to overcome these pitfalls.

1. All in the name

Most marketing consultancies make the biggest error by naming themselves with the names of the founding partners. It is common practice, but the target audience has no clue what the company does, unless they research in-depth about the company. Ensure that your company has a name that speaks about some deliverable result or practice that you are an expert at. Say for example, if you use AI to assist you in your marketing efforts; then ensure that the company has the word AI in its name in some fashion.


2. Headlines

So you have decided to go ahead with the names of the founding partners for your firm, but you still want to capture the target audience. What you can do, is to have a great headline that talks about what you do. So if we take the same example, you can have a headline that says “Marketing innovation powered by AI”; this way people who come across your service, will have a rough idea about the work you do. There is no point having a detailed section on what you do in a tab when you can capture your customers the minute they open your website.

3. FUDs

Most marketing consultants believe that potential customers need to be pampered; this makes the marketing consultant steer clear of FUDs when speaking to customer. FUD is an abbreviation for fear, uncertainty and doubt; these are necessary evils that need to be spoken about when interacting with a customer. You shouldn’t be giving the image that the work you do will guarantee 100% results; no methodology is that perfect. By telling them that these are the stumbling blocks and this is how you are going to overcome them is a smart move to make. For starters, you are making sure that the customer understands the hurdles that lie ahead and secondly, you are not going to be promising an unachievable target to them either.