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How to Start Marketing & Selling CBD Products

CBD or Cannabidiol has become extremely popular after the discovery of its extremely useful proponents. CBD is very effective in reducing both physical and psychological discomfort. It works magically to decrease joint and muscle pains and on the other hand, it helps in getting rid of stress and anxiety. Previously, people would be skeptic about using CBD because it is a form of cannabis. But CBD is quite different from other cannabis extracts, such as, marijuana. It does not excessively stimulate and system and rather affects the endo-cannabinoid system for the better. Now, there is a huge demand of CBD products in the market now that people have understood its benefits. Selling CBD products and marketing it is quite a lucrative business. If you want to know the basics of winning at the game of marketing and selling CBD products, read below.

Find a Supplier
First and foremost, you need to find yourself a non-shady, reliable CBD products supplier. Keep in mind that since CBD is extracted from cannabis, it is necessary for you to oversee whether or not the supplier makes legal CBD products. CBD products that are legal are supposed to have 0.5% or less than that of THC which is Tetrahydrocannabinol in it. You need to check the source of your supplier to see if they are giving out quality products. Checking the extracting method is also necessary. See if they are properly extracting CBD oil from hemp or not. Check whether or not the products have COA which is Certificate of Analysis. This certificate is only given when all the components of a proper CBD product is in place. Do be skeptical of CBD products that are available in an extremely low price.

Selling CBD Products Online
There are several benefits of selling CBD products, namely, you do not need to own a CBD store at first. Having a CBD store requires quite a lot of money initially and not everyone can afford that. Selling CBD products online with other products is a good marketing strategy. Your products will automatically get a lot of exposure. It will make your products available to a great range of people and give you a global reach. People can buy your products from their home. After you have progressed by selling your products online, you may open CBD store after some time.

Selling CBD in Retail Space
Selling CBD products in a retail space has its own benefits. In this way, you not only build a good relationship with you customers, but they can also check the products in person. You may have a sample tasting system which will make you popular with your customers as well. Having a CBD store thus can be beneficial where you can build a relationship with a particular community and cater to their needs.

Lastly, selling CBD products is completely legal if it is made properly. Therefore, you need to check your supplier and then launch your business.

How to Become a Cannabis Marketing Guru

Imagine you smoke weed every once in a while but your regular supplier isn’t providing you with what you want anymore. Now you must go out and find another place to get your weed, right? Depending on where you live, this can be either very easy or very hard. Imagine living in Amsterdam for example, getting cannabis here shouldn’t take long at all. In many other places you would be doing something illegal though, so that would definitely be a problem. There are also countries that fall somewhere in between this range of easy-hard where the selling and marketing of cannabis is slowly becoming more and more legalized. In this article we focus on that very range.

Now imagine you are a seller in that range. You supply the people with what they want, which is of course high (see what I did there?) quality marijuana. However, as the legalization of this field happens at a slow pace and comes with many interconnected laws, things can get complicated. And not to think of your competition… Obviously you want to be the best and have your share of the money (US cannabis sales are expected to be $20 million by 2021), but there are certain obstacles and roadblocks that will make it very hard for you to excel. We understand this completely and want to help you out. Hence, we provided you with an article containing the knowledge essential to becoming a cannabis marketing guru.

cannabis marketing

To start off, if you want to become successful in any type of market, you need to know who you are selling to and what the environment you’ll be operating in looks like. Deepen your knowledge of your working field -your territory- and you’ll be prepared for whatever may come your way. Of course you should focus on yourself and your own business, but don’t hide your head in the sand either as you will only blind yourself to what your competition is doing. You could easily miss out on new marketing tactics, shifts in prices and newly introduced laws, all of which would come as a surprise if you were not aware of your working field.

Just like you need to know the market, it’s important to know exactly which group of people forms your potential customers, what that group wants and how you can convince it to buy the goods from you and not from someone else. Form a clear image of the people you are going to sell to, otherwise you’ll be missing out on many customers. Only with a clear image of your clients you can fine tune your marketing even more and thus increase your profits.

There’s a contradiction in being a seller, which is that in order to make the most profit and augment your customer base, you should not think as a seller but instead think from a buyer’s perspective. This is an incredibly important concept that many experienced salesmen know of and it basically tells you to position yourself temporarily in the brain of a customer. Ask yourself questions as ‘What is important for me when I buy something?’, ‘Where do these people come often?’, ‘Which grammar and images appeal to me?’, ‘How do I dress?’, ‘What motivates me to buy cannabis?’, and so on. If people can relate to what you are presenting in your cannabis marketing they are more likely to come to you than order at an unknown shop that shows no recognition for their wishes and needs at all.

People are drawn to familiar things for the simple fact that the unknown comes with the risk of costs. You might not like the atmosphere at the new place or you might get very bad quality. Humans have the habit to pick what they know already and can empathize with, so it’s best to apply this in your marketing strategy.

One way of doing this is by going to a cannabis business expo. Here people will find everything they need to know about weed. Plus, it has already done much of the filtering of uninterested customers. These people are here for a reason: they want to know more about weed and/or buy it. Expos are rich in ‘good’ customers because the event is organized purely based on their interests. They are there because they like cannabis/marijuana, so your chances of selling something increase drastically compared to a normal situation. It’s an opportunity to make name for your company and promote yourself because you can explain why you are the best, what you offer and what separates you from the rest. Expos are good for advertisement (banners, verbal elaboration, test samples) and selling.

Secondly, it is important that you have something to offer that has (relative) value. We may be preaching to the choir here but allow us to elaborate anyway. In economics, there is a law of demand and supply. It says that if you supply a good without sufficient demand, your income will be lower than your profit i.e. you will slowly make a loss and if you do not change your strategy and lower your prices, you will go bankrupt. Obviously, nobody wants that so before you start to sell, make sure you have something to offer that has value.

Author Jim Butcher once stated ‘You don’t have to run faster than the bear to get away. You just have to run faster than the guy next to you.’ Now let’s translate that statement in to the cannabis business: you don’t have to be the best cannabis supplier in the whole world to be successful, you only need to offer more value than the suppliers working in your area. And how do you do this? By offering weed of outstanding quality or regular weed for a significant better price that people simply cannot get from your competition.

So, to become a cannabis marketing to guru you need to know who you are selling to and what those people want. You also need to offer something that has (relative) value. Marketing works best if one can recognize it and feel attracted to it so use this in your advantage on for example cannabis expos. Now that you have all the information you need, you can form a marketing strategy. If applied correctly, chances of success are high.

Cannabis Marketing on Social Media

Do you have a business revolving around the cannabis plant? Even if we are talking about the famous CBD products, known for their medicinal purposes and benefits toward health, it is still difficult to do cannabis marketing at the desired levels. Why is this happening and how can you market such a business on social media? We will get into more details concerning this aspect and see what can be done so that your CBD-related business can thrive.

Unfortunately, even if social media appears like one of the best means for marketing purposes, there are quite a few restrictions in this sector. Business belonging to the cannabis industry are placed in the same group with businesses that sell tobacco or alcohol. You may say that you are not selling products that do not trigger any psychoactive effects or are harmful to health, but the truth is that prejudices concerning the cannabis plant and products derived from it are still not completely removed. The market niche of CBD products still lacks proper regulations and in-depth scientific studies are just being made recently.

While it is an act of courage and even nobleness to swim against the current in order to give people the chance to enjoy alternative treatments, like CBD oil, you will have to play by the rules if you want to run your business without issues. This means that for unrolling cannabis marketing on social media, you will have to take into account the specifications released by the government concerning the way you can market your brand and business. Because the federal laws still classify the cannabis plant as a drug, you won’t be able to market your business on social media if it is related to the cannabis industry in any way at all. Even if you provide prescription drugs or cannabis for medicinal purposes you will still face prohibition when it comes to launching advertisers on social media on such subjects. To your surprise, this happens even in the states where the consumption of cannabis has become legal.

If you risk and decide to conduct cannabis marketing activities on social media, you may end up having your ads deleted by the social network’s admin or, in the worst case scenario, have your account completely shut down. In case you worked for a while to get followers and build a consistent audience, all your work can be compromised by such measures. This is all due to the fact that cannabis still has a drug status. Thus, it is illegal to post ads that contain or make reference to cannabis, as they are similar to advertising drugs.

Under these circumstances, investing resources in coming up with cannabis marketing campaigns on social media is a total waste. You won’t be able to use your ads and other marketing materials, as they will be removed in a short while. Also, do not forget that the social media network can also put an end to your account entirely. No one is stopping you from trying to market your products or brand this way, but, if you ask us, the risks are too high and the benefits are currently nonexistent. You will just have to find other ways to market your brand and hope that the future will bring some constructive changes in this sector.

Rug Marketing

Rug marketing utilizes the internet to push cheap rugs online. It provides you a greater opportunity to turn your hobby into profit. Nowadays, online rug business is on the rise most likely due to growth in sales of hard surface floorings. Following are some guidelines that must be considered before launching an online store.

Find a wholesale distributor
The crucial step to start your rug business is to find a rugs manufacturer or someone who can provide rugs on wholesale. They will supply the required products in bulk at cheap rates which then could be sold to consumers at a mark-up. In this respect, it is essential to know distributors who are trustworthy and they should have plenty of satisfied customers as it is a good indicator of their product quality. Moreover, you must take their price into account so that you can make a margin for selling rugs while providing cheap rugs online.

Pick specific products
Rug’s business cannot only be started with a warehouse. It may need far too much capital and may require some time to get into your stride. Therefore, it is always recommended to initiate rug business with some specific products that can help to increase the first group of audience. After that, you can increase your product items to grow your business.

Choose an expert developer
Whether you are selling a rug or carpet online, just make sure you find an expert developer. It will ensure that your website contains all the essential elements. Magneto can be used as a platform of choice which was specifically built for developing E-commerce websites having an opportunity for customization. The website design is important to attract the expected audience that’s why it must be eye-catching. A website should include features such as sample rugs with color swatch option.

Build a buyer community
In order to accelerate your business, it is vital to building a group of people who are really interested in your products i.e. rugs. Thus, interacting with those people is more valuable rather than wasting time on typical ads. For example, rugs are the interest area of most interior decorators. You need to reach out to them for introducing your products. In this way, you can earn a steady stream of revenue. An email list could be prepared and used to communicate with them about new and cheap rug items or any upcoming sale.

Shipping setup
Shipping is an important element of the online business. Most of the customers want cheap rugs with either free shipping or fast shipping. Most often, customers don’t proceed if the shipping cost is too high. Therefore, shipping must be provided at a cheap rate. Moreover, cheap rugs must be delivered in a reasonable time period.

CBD Oil Marketing

CBD or Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical that is found in hemp and marijuana. Anecdotally, it has been proven to have various medicinal applications and although CBD oil is viewed skeptically by the federal government, the number of states that are getting on board with it is increasing.

When it comes to CBD oil and other related products, your marketing consultant will tell you that there is a lot of potential if you have the ability to seize it. However, there are some obstacles in the way and you must prepare for them if you want to promote your CBD business and get desired results.

Following tips will help:

Understand the Law

In the eyes of federal government, CBD oil that contains .3% or more THC is illegal. This THC scarcity is generally found in hemp oil extracts. So, if you want to get your CBD business off the ground, then industrial hemp is going to be the key. Your marketing consultant may already have informed you about this. While you can still market CBD products with higher amounts of THC, you must make sure that you are doing so within the boundaries of a state where CBD products are legal.

Advertising Options

There are several options available when it comes to advertising CBD products and promoting your CBD business. Cannabis dispensaries can promote their dispensary events, menu items, deals, specials, and updates via text message marketing. Marketing and advertising campaigns can also be done via magazines and newspapers.

In fact, they are most frequently used mediums for plant-touching and ancillary companies to effectively spread their message and increase their sales. It is recommended that you consult with your marketing consultant to learn what advertising options would be more beneficial for your CBD business.

Things to Consider When Marketing CBD Oil

Given the numerous state and federal regulations that your CBD business must comply with, it is recommended that you take extreme care when marketing CBD oil. Your product should mention the fact that it is not FDA approved.

Secondly, you should never label your CBD products for use along with certain medical conditions. Ask your marketing consultant to carefully review applicable state laws to help you determine whether the labeling of your product is in compliance.

The FDA has also made it the responsibility of CBD companies to comply with all FDA regulations as well as the requirements of federal law. So, it is your responsibility to review the law to make sure that your products are in compliance.

If You Sell CBD Oil Online

You should take special precautions if you sell CBD oil online. As an online CBD business, you need to be aware that:

• Such products are still illegal under federal law.

• Even if CBD oil is legal in a certain state, it is still not legal to leave the state with such a product or ship such products from state to state.

• If your CBD oil is extracted from hemp, then it is recommended that you make it very clear to customers that your product does not come from marijuana but from imported hemp.

• In all cases, you should never make claims about the medical benefits of using your CBD products.

Final Word

CBD market is young and growing very quickly. If you want to take advantage of it to promote your CBD business, then it is highly recommended that you work with your marketing consultant to learn about the obstacles and prepare for them so you can effectively reap the rewards of this booming industry.

SEO Consulting Services

These days, it is mandatory for a business of any type and size to have an online presence. By online presence, we mean website and a business profile, and the services of an SEO consultant. You see, even if you have a website, is not enough to make sure that your business and brand are visible to potential prospects.

Competition is harsh out there, as every company present on the market will also come up with a website. So, as you can imagine there is an impressive number of website released on a daily basis. How can you increase the visibility of your website and make your brand known? This is where the SEO consultant will step in.

With the help of an SEO consultant’s expertise, you can increase the visibility of your website. How can this happen? The SEO consultant will know how to turn the odds in your favor by knowing very well what the search engines are looking for. Yes, search engines have a set of criteria to follow when it comes to deciding which websites deserve to occupy the first positions in search results.

Considering that there are so many websites out there, there must be a way to set them apart when it comes to displaying Internet users the best results for the information they are searching for. Thus, if a website looks to become more visible, it must respect the criteria set by search engines, which includes offering relevant and useful content to users.

Content is still the most powerful tool to get the attention of people and an SEO marketing consultant will show you how to use content in a way that will please search engines as well. What can an SEO consultant offer and how can such an expert improve the content and visibility of your website?

Besides researching and finding the best keywords for you to integrate in your content, which will make your website relevant for search engines, a SEO consultant will also study the performances of your competitors, do content marketing, optimize your site’s pages, perform link building, and use other methods to improve your website’s visibility in the online environment.

In comparison with paid online marketing methods, SEO is something that will generate the so-called “organic” results, which are the natural results obtained by respecting the rules set by search engines.

Is it necessary to use SEO? It’s not just necessary, as it is more something mandatory if you want to get back the investment you made in creating a website for your business. If no one is able to find it and use it, you didn’t just spend money for nothing, but the website will never do its job right, and that is to bring more clients toward your company.

But because SEO is a very complex process, which requires knowledge, experience, and effort, you need the help of someone that knows this domain very well. Thus, an SEO consultant is definitely the person you need to employ if you want to get your hands of an effective SEO method that will pay the desired results.

Best Wine Apps

When it comes to wines, it can feel a bit inexplicable, daunting and impassable but really it doesn’t have to be. So how does a person choose a wine? Usually, it is when someone recommends it, or you just go with your will and buy one. We have for you the best wine apps that are top rated and will help you in understanding, finding, buying and also remembering some great bottles of wines. Mostly these apps are free to download and are usually compatible with the Smartphone user who is looking for a whine on a budget.

  • Wine Ring: Now doesn’t this name sound really great? It has various algorithms that can actually predict if you are going to like a wine or not according to your choice. First, this app builds a preference profile based on your requirements when you take pictures of vines that you have tasted through the app and rate them. The app can then predict whether or not you are going to like other labels you scan. The number of wines you will rate the better result it is going to show.
  • Vivino: This is also one of the best wine apps which are free for iPhone and Android but a premium version may cost around $ 4.99 a month. It also has a wine explorer feature so that you are able to search the huge database of more than 8 million labels. It also gives you the direct links to a retailer on the page so that it becomes easier for you to make a purchase. It has an amazing feature where you can scan a restaurant wine list text and the app is going to take out the ratings for the particular wine.
  • Omnipair: This app was launched in London. It uses algorithms that recommend just the perfect wine on a restaurant list and matches whatever the food you and your friends are having at that time, isn’t it amazing? It checks from over 4000 wine list with food and wine database and understands, remembers and customizes special recommendations that will be according to your personal taste. Right now this app is available only in London.
  • Wine-searcher: This app is one of the most useful and best wine apps. It tracks numerous merchants so becomes the best app to go to when navigating from where to buy a bottle.

So these were the best wine apps in 2018.

Simple Mistakes and how to avoid them

There are many marketing consultants and consultancies out there. It is an extremely concentrated market and to be able to standout can become a point of bother for most people. There are some blatant errors that marketing consultants make and these errors can cost them a lot of revenue. Here in this article, we have looked some of the major shortcomings of marketing consultants and how there are simple ways to overcome these pitfalls.

1. All in the name

Most marketing consultancies make the biggest error by naming themselves with the names of the founding partners. It is common practice, but the target audience has no clue what the company does, unless they research in-depth about the company. Ensure that your company has a name that speaks about some deliverable result or practice that you are an expert at. Say for example, if you use AI to assist you in your marketing efforts; then ensure that the company has the word AI in its name in some fashion.


2. Headlines

So you have decided to go ahead with the names of the founding partners for your firm, but you still want to capture the target audience. What you can do, is to have a great headline that talks about what you do. So if we take the same example, you can have a headline that says “Marketing innovation powered by AI”; this way people who come across your service, will have a rough idea about the work you do. There is no point having a detailed section on what you do in a tab when you can capture your customers the minute they open your website.

3. FUDs

Most marketing consultants believe that potential customers need to be pampered; this makes the marketing consultant steer clear of FUDs when speaking to customer. FUD is an abbreviation for fear, uncertainty and doubt; these are necessary evils that need to be spoken about when interacting with a customer. You shouldn’t be giving the image that the work you do will guarantee 100% results; no methodology is that perfect. By telling them that these are the stumbling blocks and this is how you are going to overcome them is a smart move to make. For starters, you are making sure that the customer understands the hurdles that lie ahead and secondly, you are not going to be promising an unachievable target to them either.

Why hire a marketing consultant?

There are two ways to approach marketing; one is to have an in-house marketing department that can handle all your marketing needs and the second ways is to hire a marketing consultancy or consultant. A marketing consultancy will work in tandem with your marketing department or will work independent depending on the structure of the organization. So is it beneficial to hire a marketing consultancy or consultant? The answer is a big fat YES. Here in this article, we have looked at some of the major advantages of hiring a marketing consultancy.

1. Experience

A reputed marketing consultancy will have the right amount of experience to take your product or service to new heights. For them to establish themselves as big players, they would have to be a firm that has been around the block long enough. So say for example, you want to run a social media campaign; a good marketing consultancy will have the know-how on how to go about it through their experience of running similar campaigns over the years.

2. Deliverables

An in-house marketing department knows what the company needs and where it needs to be, but they still do have a cushion that prevents them from being on-edge. But a marketing consultancy on the other hand knows that if they don’t deliver, they will be sacked. That kind of pressure leads to a marketing consultancy taking the whole process much more seriously than an in-house marketing department.

3. Expertise



Usually an in-house marketing department will know the basics of different marketing methodologies, but won’t be experts in just one field. A marketing consultancy can bring in people with a specific expertise to handle that particular need. A marketing consultancy will have the right mix of expertise and experience to take things over the line. So if you have the budget to hire a marketing consultancy; go ahead with it, because in the long run they will cost far lesser than having to train an in-house marketing department.

4. Case studies

So if you have narrowed down on two or three marketing consultancies to choose from then it is time to pick the one firm that is going to transform your company. So to make that decisions; look at each of the firm and see if they have published case studies that highlight their skills and achievements. You should at least get in touch with previous clients, if case studies are unavailable.


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