Imagine you smoke weed every once in a while but your regular supplier isn’t providing you with what you want anymore. Now you must go out and find another place to get your weed, right? Depending on where you live, this can be either very easy or very hard. Imagine living in Amsterdam for example, getting cannabis here shouldn’t take long at all. In many other places you would be doing something illegal though, so that would definitely be a problem. There are also countries that fall somewhere in between this range of easy-hard where the selling and marketing of cannabis is slowly becoming more and more legalized. In this article we focus on that very range.

Now imagine you are a seller in that range. You supply the people with what they want, which is of course high (see what I did there?) quality marijuana. However, as the legalization of this field happens at a slow pace and comes with many interconnected laws, things can get complicated. And not to think of your competition… Obviously you want to be the best and have your share of the money (US cannabis sales are expected to be $20 million by 2021), but there are certain obstacles and roadblocks that will make it very hard for you to excel. We understand this completely and want to help you out. Hence, we provided you with an article containing the knowledge essential to becoming a cannabis marketing guru.

cannabis marketing

To start off, if you want to become successful in any type of market, you need to know who you are selling to and what the environment you’ll be operating in looks like. Deepen your knowledge of your working field -your territory- and you’ll be prepared for whatever may come your way. Of course you should focus on yourself and your own business, but don’t hide your head in the sand either as you will only blind yourself to what your competition is doing. You could easily miss out on new marketing tactics, shifts in prices and newly introduced laws, all of which would come as a surprise if you were not aware of your working field.

Just like you need to know the market, it’s important to know exactly which group of people forms your potential customers, what that group wants and how you can convince it to buy the goods from you and not from someone else. Form a clear image of the people you are going to sell to, otherwise you’ll be missing out on many customers. Only with a clear image of your clients you can fine tune your marketing even more and thus increase your profits.

There’s a contradiction in being a seller, which is that in order to make the most profit and augment your customer base, you should not think as a seller but instead think from a buyer’s perspective. This is an incredibly important concept that many experienced salesmen know of and it basically tells you to position yourself temporarily in the brain of a customer. Ask yourself questions as ‘What is important for me when I buy something?’, ‘Where do these people come often?’, ‘Which grammar and images appeal to me?’, ‘How do I dress?’, ‘What motivates me to buy cannabis?’, and so on. If people can relate to what you are presenting in your cannabis marketing they are more likely to come to you than order at an unknown shop that shows no recognition for their wishes and needs at all.

People are drawn to familiar things for the simple fact that the unknown comes with the risk of costs. You might not like the atmosphere at the new place or you might get very bad quality. Humans have the habit to pick what they know already and can empathize with, so it’s best to apply this in your marketing strategy.

One way of doing this is by going to a cannabis business expo. Here people will find everything they need to know about weed. Plus, it has already done much of the filtering of uninterested customers. These people are here for a reason: they want to know more about weed and/or buy it. Expos are rich in ‘good’ customers because the event is organized purely based on their interests. They are there because they like cannabis/marijuana, so your chances of selling something increase drastically compared to a normal situation. It’s an opportunity to make name for your company and promote yourself because you can explain why you are the best, what you offer and what separates you from the rest. Expos are good for advertisement (banners, verbal elaboration, test samples) and selling.

Secondly, it is important that you have something to offer that has (relative) value. We may be preaching to the choir here but allow us to elaborate anyway. In economics, there is a law of demand and supply. It says that if you supply a good without sufficient demand, your income will be lower than your profit i.e. you will slowly make a loss and if you do not change your strategy and lower your prices, you will go bankrupt. Obviously, nobody wants that so before you start to sell, make sure you have something to offer that has value.

Author Jim Butcher once stated ‘You don’t have to run faster than the bear to get away. You just have to run faster than the guy next to you.’ Now let’s translate that statement in to the cannabis business: you don’t have to be the best cannabis supplier in the whole world to be successful, you only need to offer more value than the suppliers working in your area. And how do you do this? By offering weed of outstanding quality or regular weed for a significant better price that people simply cannot get from your competition.

So, to become a cannabis marketing to guru you need to know who you are selling to and what those people want. You also need to offer something that has (relative) value. Marketing works best if one can recognize it and feel attracted to it so use this in your advantage on for example cannabis expos. Now that you have all the information you need, you can form a marketing strategy. If applied correctly, chances of success are high.