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While operational efficiencies and excellent customer service are essential, they aren’t the only factors that influence the business performance of a pharmacy. There are many other factors that you must consider if you want to get customers to switch to your pharmacy and increase your sales. Only by taking cues from ‘fast moving consumer goods’ and via greater in-store efficiency can this be fully realized.

Following are some things you can do to attract customers to your pharmacy and increase your sales:

Increase Foot Traffic

Increasing the number of customers in your pharmacy is the first opportunity you have. To achieve this, make sure that your pharmacy looks exciting and appealing to passersby from the outside. From product categories that are difficult to navigate to cluttered windows, the presentation of your pharmacy can have a significant effect on customer perceptions and eventually sales. It is also recommended that you make your pharmacy a destination for things other than scripts and transform it into a holistic health services hub for your local community. The more reasons someone has to visit your pharmacy, the more they will.

Train Your Staff to be Approachable and Available

prescription discount card

Rather than a job of interacting with customers, retail nowadays is becoming a job of tasks. Staff often tend to ignore customers in the pharmacy as they are too busy trying to tick things off their to-do list. So, you should train your staff to be approachable and available. If a customer in the pharmacy needs help, they should always help the customer, even if they have to drop the task at hand.

Train Your Staff to Have Product Knowledge

Having your staff that is approachable and available is one thing but being able to help customers effectively is another. It is recommended that you put some effort to make sure that your staff is knowledgeable about the products sold on your pharmacy, prescription discount card, as well as stuff about marketing prescription drugs. In this way, your staff will know what the customers want when they speak with them. They will be able to provide helpful and reliable advice, hence leading to more products sold.

Make Products Easy to Find

prescription discount card

You don’t want your customers looking around for certain products and not being able to find it. This experience can be really frustrating. So, it is recommended that you make sure that your pharmacy is carrying an appropriate level of stock, that the shelves are organized and clean, and that all products are brought to the front of the shelf and are correctly labelled. Have a special place for products that support prescription discount card and also make sure to implement proper strategies for marketing prescription drugs.

Have Events and Themes in Pharmacy

prescription discount card

Having events and themes in the pharmacy is a great way to create a buzz and get more customers to switch to your pharmacy. Hold wellness weeks, members-only events, information days/nights, or any other event you deem worthy. These events also provide great opportunity for marketing prescription drugs and announce special offers for prescription discount card holders. You can use the events and themes as a sales tool for people visiting your pharmacy.