Do you have a business revolving around the cannabis plant? Even if we are talking about the famous CBD products, known for their medicinal purposes and benefits toward health, it is still difficult to do cannabis marketing at the desired levels. Why is this happening and how can you market such a business on social media? We will get into more details concerning this aspect and see what can be done so that your CBD-related business can thrive.

Unfortunately, even if social media appears like one of the best means for marketing purposes, there are quite a few restrictions in this sector. Business belonging to the cannabis industry are placed in the same group with businesses that sell tobacco or alcohol. You may say that you are not selling products that do not trigger any psychoactive effects or are harmful to health, but the truth is that prejudices concerning the cannabis plant and products derived from it are still not completely removed. The market niche of CBD products still lacks proper regulations and in-depth scientific studies are just being made recently.

While it is an act of courage and even nobleness to swim against the current in order to give people the chance to enjoy alternative treatments, like CBD oil, you will have to play by the rules if you want to run your business without issues. This means that for unrolling cannabis marketing on social media, you will have to take into account the specifications released by the government concerning the way you can market your brand and business. Because the federal laws still classify the cannabis plant as a drug, you won’t be able to market your business on social media if it is related to the cannabis industry in any way at all. Even if you provide prescription drugs or cannabis for medicinal purposes you will still face prohibition when it comes to launching advertisers on social media on such subjects. To your surprise, this happens even in the states where the consumption of cannabis has become legal.

If you risk and decide to conduct cannabis marketing activities on social media, you may end up having your ads deleted by the social network’s admin or, in the worst case scenario, have your account completely shut down. In case you worked for a while to get followers and build a consistent audience, all your work can be compromised by such measures. This is all due to the fact that cannabis still has a drug status. Thus, it is illegal to post ads that contain or make reference to cannabis, as they are similar to advertising drugs.

Under these circumstances, investing resources in coming up with cannabis marketing campaigns on social media is a total waste. You won’t be able to use your ads and other marketing materials, as they will be removed in a short while. Also, do not forget that the social media network can also put an end to your account entirely. No one is stopping you from trying to market your products or brand this way, but, if you ask us, the risks are too high and the benefits are currently nonexistent. You will just have to find other ways to market your brand and hope that the future will bring some constructive changes in this sector.