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The Looming Problem for the CBD Edibles Market

cbd marketing

CBD is a naturally occurring substance which is super beneficial health-wise. The best part is that this substance can help a person feel calm and relaxed. CBD is the short form of cannabidiol and comes from the cannabis plant. Over the past few years, CBD marketing has increased to a whole another level. Companies making natural and herbal products use this substance in their items. According to research, CBD is not psychoactive, which means it has no effects on the cognitive part of your brain.

This substance, CBD, does not get you high in any case whether you smell it or taste it.

The Audience Of CBD Edibles

The CBD edibles are getting trendy these days, and as said earlier, CBD marketing is on the rise right now.  CBD edibles are widely used Worldwide. Athletes and gym freaks are major consumers of CBD edibles. The people suffering from anxiety and depression are more likely to have CBD edibles than to prefer other inflammatory medication that affects the stomach severely. With benefits, there are always side effects of using any medication as well. It is always best to consult your doctor before having any supplements even if they are CBD edibles that we are talking about. 

Is It Harmful?

cbd marketing

There are some side effects of using CBD edibles as well. The side effects include nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhoea, changes in mood, changes in appetite & anxiety. CBD can also make you feel groggy and lethargic. Using CBD edibles can also lead to liver enzymes. It is important to consult your health care, whether it is good for you or not because CBD products are unregulated. Research says that any side effects with CBD are because of the drug to drug interactions between other medications and CBD edibles you are taking. It is always good to get advice from your doctor regarding other drugs and CBD to make a healthy combination.

Everything You Need To Know About The CBD Market

There is a $20 billion market of CBD. CBD market has forecast to grow up to $22 billion by 2022. It took time to accept CBD edibles by the market. In past times there were many restrictions on the usage of CBD in food or medicines, but later on, with time people and industry started getting used to it. Still CBD market has its challenges. Customers are confused about whether to use CBD.

Hence it is proved that CBD edibles are safe to use for many of your health issues, but month after month, there comes new research related to CBD use, which makes the market and customer both confused. The seller who is selling CBD in the market should be informed with what he is selling and have legal knowledge. Moreover, even in the US, CBD is banned in many states so you can understand the other countries of the World.

The Need Of The Hour

cbd marketing

On the other hand, in many parts of the World, CDB is being sold easily, and CBD marketing is skyrocketing. But then there comes a question whether it is approved or not before being sold. In some areas of the World, CBD products are approved for usage for a very specific purpose and not for your every health issue. A buyer should know what he is buying, as there are still many doubts and questions regarding CBD usage. One has to think critically before buying and using CBD products. Customer finds it challenging to buy CBD edibles according to their needs just because they aren’t properly informed about it and its use. The point is that it’s high time for people to start talking about CBD edibles, their uses and the factors that one must consider before making a purchase.

The Global CBD Edibles Market

cbd marketing

CBD is one of the 104 compounds that are found in the cannabis family. It’s derived from both the marijuana and hemp plants and currently CBD is the talk of the town for all the right reasons. There was a time when people used CBD oil for treatment purposes as it helps in a lot of ways but then it’s the 21st century and now there are proper CBD edibles available out there in the market.

The demand of these edibles is growing at a rapid pace and so is the supply. According to reports, CBD is creating a market of $4.1 billion in the next three years which is a lot! CBD marketing is on the rise at the moment and CBD edibles are being sold at a crazy pace. All of these sales and the supply is quite justified because the therapeutic benefits of these edibles are just uncountable.

What’s The Hype About?

To understand the global market of CBD edibles and the rise of CBD marketing, you first need to understand what CBD is and how its changing the lives of the other people. Honestly it’s the safest possible product till date that helps with all the problems. From treating acne, epilepsy, chronic pain to depression, these edibles are a cure to several medical conditions.

cbd marketing

Also, with the passage of time, the market is growing because people weren’t aware of this product before but now they are and they are shocked to see the results. Especially those who are dealing with anxiety and depression at the moment, they are specifically recommended to use this product because it comes with wonderful results that no one can ever think about. This is the reason why the CBD marketing is on a rise and why people are so after CBD edibles nowadays.

Laws For CBD Usage

The laws regarding the CBD usage are evolving at a rapid pace and now the companies are allowed to use this product in their medicines and other edible products. This is the reason why the market is growing too because companies have now started incorporating the use of CBD in their products. For example, even the manufacturers of gummy bears and other such candies are using CBD in them to provide results to people who in one way or the other, are suffering medically.

The CBD Market And All You Should Know About It?

cbd marketing

By 2022, it’s predicted that the market of CBD will grow up to $22 billion. Yes you read that right and with this report you can have some idea about the growth of CBD edibles in the market. As far as the usage and side effects of this product are concerned, well, no one can be clear on this because honestly after every few months a new research comes out. Some people say that CBD usage comes with side effects like nausea and dizziness and stomach pain etc but then there are people who use this product and they actually start feeling better.

Marketing Cannabis Oil

cannabis oil

The pace at which the cannabis market is growing at present, there seems to be no stopping; but with the right kind of advertisement and marketing, this industry can attain greater heights. For people who have been long in this business are well aware of the market trends and their target audience, but the organizations that are comparatively new, have a bunch of challenges to encounter. From acquiring a secure legal platform to reaching out a greater mass of people and proposing a positive brand-image, the path is quite long and tedious. In the segment below we have provided a few ways for marketing the cannabis oil in a well-defined legal and public-friendly environment.

  • Hold up the propaganda of your company

When you have started out with the aim of marketing something you must think about of everyone and not just a single age or sex group. A customer will be drawn to you only when he finds that the content used in your advertisement is not derogatory or provocative in any sense and abides by all the clauses served by the federal law, and this is mainly because of two reasons; (i) for them to relate to your vision, and (ii) feel legally safe when choosing your company. Also, your marketing design should strive towards reversing the negative impressions that have been clouding people’s mind so far and as a result persuade them to switch to cannabis oil as a natural alternative benefiting several ailments.

  • The right manifesto
cannabis oil

After you have curated the perfect content for your brand, it is now time to choose the right manifesto. There are a lot of social media platforms that have banned the mere mention of “marijuana”, let alone advertising them. But there are a few cannabis mobile apps that are wholly dedicated at bringing together all the CBD vendors under one roof. The cannabis mobile apps have a more integrated way of functioning; rather than confusing the user’s mind by supplying all the information at once, they have simplified table like structure. When you choose to engage any of these cannabis mobile apps, it will help you come to the forefront with your product by propagating its progress, news, new launches and delivery services and following brand awareness, customer engagement and convenience. Furthermore, the mobile apps are also an efficient way of cutting down the marketing
cost as the principal required for developing these apps are close to the minimum and is the easiest and fastest way of gathering audience.

  • Blogging

Because there are innumerable legal limitations concerning print marketing of cannabis oil, a methodical way of marketing them is through blogging. Content marketing is one of the best ways of conducting a market survey and analyzing people’s needs and accordingly coming up with the most suitable content in their blogs. on the web, people usually look for answers to some of their questions and placing your blog quintessentially under these queries will catalyze the awareness. Furthermore, the blog content marketing that has been SEO optimized is a wise method of advertising CBD oils and tinctures. Blogging doesn’t require paid advertisements and can profit by drawing website traffic from the search engines.

  • Affiliate marketing

An impressive method for the new-born cannabis companies to earn and advertise their products without any obligation is through affiliate marketing. The affiliate program works in a fashion that is similar to the bonus/credit earned by referring a friend ; here, every time somebody initiates a sale from your website, as a token of reward, you pass on some form of commission to them that encourages them to fetch more and more customers thus forming an unaltered marketing and awareness chain.

How Drug Marketing May Influence Prescriptions

prescription discount card

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars each year on marketing prescription drugs and to support the activities of sales representatives who contact doctors. This practice is commonly known as detailing. A lot of investment is directed at drug marketing to doctors who prescribe high volumes of drugs and according to reports, it may influence prescriptions.

Physicians tend to prescribe drugs that drug companies promote to them. Because of this influence on prescriptions, patients have to pay more even if they use prescription discount card. Not to mention they don’t always get the most suitable medications either.

prescription discount card

An analysis of multiple studies in many countries found that information from pharmaceutical companies and drug marketing influenced the decisions that doctors made, and not exactly in a positive way. According to the head of the study Geoffrey Spurling, one couldn’t say that the information from drug companies benefited the prescribing of the doctor, which is what these companies claim. Although a lot of doctors claim that they are not influenced by the drug marketing, after the review, these claims are not validated. Prescriptions are influenced by the drug marketing – this is the fact one must accept at least some of the time, Spurling stated in a telephone interview.

The study found that doctors who accepted briefings from pharmaceutical companies were more likely to prescribe those products. Several studies showed that exposure to pharmaceutical company information led to more frequent prescriptions. No studies found that physicians prescribed a drug less often due to informational or promotional materials. Over half the studies were conducted in United States. Other countries included Australia, Turkey, Estonia, France, Denmark, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Spending Pays Off

prescription discount card

Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars on marketing prescription drugs and detailing. They wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. Drug industry is the main source of information about drugs for most doctors. Such detailers often invite physicians to certain events or bring lunch to a doctor’s office in order to deliver their briefings.

Spurling signed out a study of over 1,000 general doctors that found that doctors or physicians who met drug sales representatives more often were influenced to prescribe the promoted, more costly drugs. Because of the influence of drug marketing on prescriptions, patients did not get the most suitable drugs, not to mention the affordable ones even with prescription discount card. Furthermore, he cited studies that exposed that prescriptions from doctors were of a lower quality when compared to standard guidelines.

Several steps are required to be taken to get rid of that influence on prescriptions so that the patients get affordable and reliable drugs, even without prescription discount card. The researchers called for regulation on the amounts of money that drug companies may spend on marketing prescription drugs. Doctors also need more information from a number of different sources such as accrediting organizations or universities.

According to Dr. Michael Schoenbaum of NIMH, there has long been concern regarding the influence of drug marketing on prescriptions, particularly the prescription of psychiatric drugs and further steps are needed to steer the outcome in the right direction.

Get Customers to Switch to Your Pharmacy

prescription discount card

While operational efficiencies and excellent customer service are essential, they aren’t the only factors that influence the business performance of a pharmacy. There are many other factors that you must consider if you want to get customers to switch to your pharmacy and increase your sales. Only by taking cues from ‘fast moving consumer goods’ and via greater in-store efficiency can this be fully realized.

Following are some things you can do to attract customers to your pharmacy and increase your sales:

Increase Foot Traffic

Increasing the number of customers in your pharmacy is the first opportunity you have. To achieve this, make sure that your pharmacy looks exciting and appealing to passersby from the outside. From product categories that are difficult to navigate to cluttered windows, the presentation of your pharmacy can have a significant effect on customer perceptions and eventually sales. It is also recommended that you make your pharmacy a destination for things other than scripts and transform it into a holistic health services hub for your local community. The more reasons someone has to visit your pharmacy, the more they will.

Train Your Staff to be Approachable and Available

prescription discount card

Rather than a job of interacting with customers, retail nowadays is becoming a job of tasks. Staff often tend to ignore customers in the pharmacy as they are too busy trying to tick things off their to-do list. So, you should train your staff to be approachable and available. If a customer in the pharmacy needs help, they should always help the customer, even if they have to drop the task at hand.

Train Your Staff to Have Product Knowledge

Having your staff that is approachable and available is one thing but being able to help customers effectively is another. It is recommended that you put some effort to make sure that your staff is knowledgeable about the products sold on your pharmacy, prescription discount card, as well as stuff about marketing prescription drugs. In this way, your staff will know what the customers want when they speak with them. They will be able to provide helpful and reliable advice, hence leading to more products sold.

Make Products Easy to Find

prescription discount card

You don’t want your customers looking around for certain products and not being able to find it. This experience can be really frustrating. So, it is recommended that you make sure that your pharmacy is carrying an appropriate level of stock, that the shelves are organized and clean, and that all products are brought to the front of the shelf and are correctly labelled. Have a special place for products that support prescription discount card and also make sure to implement proper strategies for marketing prescription drugs.

Have Events and Themes in Pharmacy

prescription discount card

Having events and themes in the pharmacy is a great way to create a buzz and get more customers to switch to your pharmacy. Hold wellness weeks, members-only events, information days/nights, or any other event you deem worthy. These events also provide great opportunity for marketing prescription drugs and announce special offers for prescription discount card holders. You can use the events and themes as a sales tool for people visiting your pharmacy.

Do Not Get Sold on Drug Marketing

prescription discount card

We have all seen the ads: a parent or an employee who complains of fatigue but with the help of a certain drug is able to play catch with the kids in the backyard or get back on the job. These TV drug ads are called DTC (direct-to-consumer) ads and they are one of the top strategies pharmaceutical companies implement for marketing prescription drugs. In fact, drug makers spend billions of dollars on these ads each year. Yet these ads remain controversial among industry observers, especially economists.

Some argue that companies use drug marketing to mainly steal business from their rivals. But others suggest that the ads can genuinely help people as they offer patients important information.

How Drug Ads Work

There are two categories of DTC ads: product claim and reminder. Product claim ads specify the name of the drug, its generic name, as well as the condition the drug is made to treat. Furthermore, the ads also talk about its risks and benefits in a balanced fashion. Reminder ads on the other hand, specify the drug’s name, however they don’t advertise the use of the drug. The assumption is that the public already knows what the drug is used for. There is no risk information in these kinds of ads because the condition the drug treats is not discussed in the ad.

prescription discount card

FDA doesn’t approve this strategy of marketing prescription drugs. It doesn’t approve the ads in advance, however they do keep an eye on the ads to make sure that the claims are not misleading or false. When the ads first appear in public, they are submitted to FDA, which means that there is a possibility that you may see inaccurate prescription ads regarding prescription discount card or a certain drug before FDA has had time to review it and seek corrections.

A Good or a Bad Thing?

Depending on certain factors, this strategy of marketing prescription drugs can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

The Good

prescription discount card

Advertising about a certain prescription discount card or drug can serve a helpful informational role and give potential customers a new awareness of certain medical conditions and the proper treatments available for them. It can educate individuals with a previously untreated or undiagnosed condition and lead them to seek appropriate help. Obviously, anyone watching the advertising must obtain a prescription from doctor first. Apart from this, drug marketing can expand the drug market for a new drug and help make pharmaceutical research more profitable.

The Bad

The potential bad side of DTC ads is that they might serve to persuade existing consumers to switch from one drug or prescription discount card from a certain brand to another. Drug marketing is basically an ‘arms race’ between pharmaceutical companies and drug makers who end up paying for DTC ads in order to defend the market share for their specific product. When the purpose of the ad is served (i.e. the patients are convinced to switch brands), these ads don’t necessarily contribute to patient’s primary health benefits.


marketing prescription drugs

Drug advertising is expensive and drug makers and pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars every year on prescription drug ads. Evidence suggests that drug marketing can lead to increased drug sales. However, as a consumer/patient, you shouldn’t get sold on it. It is recommended that you ask your doctor the right questions about the drug that you are curious about. Even if your doctor agrees that you should try the drug, you should always ask if there are any lower-cost generics or better alternatives available.

How to Market CBD Oil Products

A study conducted recently in the year 2018 reveals that CBD has become a potential choice in the health care industry. This naturally occurring compound can be used to treat numbers of chronic health problems and that too at low-cost dosage.

Although the internet serves a load of data to the readers describing valuable details about how CBD can change your life; big brands need to make efforts to promote their products to beat the competitive forces around. The fact is that the success of the CBD industry truly relies on how brands present their potential in front of users to solve their medical health problems. Hence, it is important to find a considerable solution to bring your products to the market with potential commercials.

Those who are searching for some potential tactics to promote their CBD oil products online are advised to go through the details below. Here we have discussed a wide range of solutions that you can follow for marketing your products:

Promote it online:

CBD Oil Product

Well, there is no doubt to say that most of the buyers these days are looking for potential solutions to purchase online. In this digitally influenced world, success is truly based on how you perform online.

It is good to launch some potential marketing campaigns on the internet; preferably on social media channels. It will help you build a considerable brand identity online. When people find you actively involved in the e-commerce industry, they are more likely to trust your products.

Prepare your email list:

When we talk about driving revenue from any business, there is no point in ignoring the potential of email marketing. Experts always suggest creating a healthy list of subscribers whom you can send promotional emails about the latest products, services, and offers time to time. It can help you enhance organic reach in the competitive market.

Design PR strategy:

In order to ensure the huge success of marketing campaigns, it is important to advertise them by building a great PR strategy. The paid media can help you maintain a considerable impression online with higher activity on social media channels. It can soon help you become a leader in the competitive market. But before that, it is important to design your strategies in the CBD industry.

Prepare for the change:

There is no doubt to say that the cannabis industry is rising by a huge extent. Hence, the market scenarios and purchase habits of the buyers are also changing. When you are interested in making profits for the long run, it is also important to adopt the positive changes happening in the market. Do not underestimate the potential of quick adjustments in the continuously changing world.

When you want to succeed in the competitive cannabis industry, there is no point in taking the back seat. Try to be actively involved in the industry, and for this, you can even partner with some big brands like Novus. It will help you to serve millions of audiences around the world via a prescription discount card.

How to Start Marketing & Selling CBD Products

CBD or Cannabidiol has become extremely popular after the discovery of its extremely useful proponents. CBD is very effective in reducing both physical and psychological discomfort. It works magically to decrease joint and muscle pains and on the other hand, it helps in getting rid of stress and anxiety. Previously, people would be skeptic about using CBD because it is a form of cannabis. But CBD is quite different from other cannabis extracts, such as, marijuana. It does not excessively stimulate and system and rather affects the endo-cannabinoid system for the better. Now, there is a huge demand of CBD products in the market now that people have understood its benefits. Selling CBD products and marketing it is quite a lucrative business. If you want to know the basics of winning at the game of marketing and selling CBD products, read below.

Find a Supplier
First and foremost, you need to find yourself a non-shady, reliable CBD products supplier. Keep in mind that since CBD is extracted from cannabis, it is necessary for you to oversee whether or not the supplier makes legal CBD products. CBD products that are legal are supposed to have 0.5% or less than that of THC which is Tetrahydrocannabinol in it. You need to check the source of your supplier to see if they are giving out quality products. Checking the extracting method is also necessary. See if they are properly extracting CBD oil from hemp or not. Check whether or not the products have COA which is Certificate of Analysis. This certificate is only given when all the components of a proper CBD product is in place. Do be skeptical of CBD products that are available in an extremely low price.

Selling CBD Products Online
There are several benefits of selling CBD products, namely, you do not need to own a CBD store at first. Having a CBD store requires quite a lot of money initially and not everyone can afford that. Selling CBD products online with other products is a good marketing strategy. Your products will automatically get a lot of exposure. It will make your products available to a great range of people and give you a global reach. People can buy your products from their home. After you have progressed by selling your products online, you may open CBD store after some time.

Selling CBD in Retail Space
Selling CBD products in a retail space has its own benefits. In this way, you not only build a good relationship with you customers, but they can also check the products in person. You may have a sample tasting system which will make you popular with your customers as well. Having a CBD store thus can be beneficial where you can build a relationship with a particular community and cater to their needs.

Lastly, selling CBD products is completely legal if it is made properly. Therefore, you need to check your supplier and then launch your business.

How to Become a Cannabis Marketing Guru

Imagine you smoke weed every once in a while but your regular supplier isn’t providing you with what you want anymore. Now you must go out and find another place to get your weed, right? Depending on where you live, this can be either very easy or very hard. Imagine living in Amsterdam for example, getting cannabis here shouldn’t take long at all. In many other places you would be doing something illegal though, so that would definitely be a problem. There are also countries that fall somewhere in between this range of easy-hard where the selling and marketing of cannabis is slowly becoming more and more legalized. In this article we focus on that very range.

Now imagine you are a seller in that range. You supply the people with what they want, which is of course high (see what I did there😉) quality marijuana. However, as the legalization of this field happens at a slow pace and comes with many interconnected laws, things can get complicated. And not to think of your competition… Obviously you want to be the best and have your share of the money (US cannabis sales are expected to be $20 million by 2021), but there are certain obstacles and roadblocks that will make it very hard for you to excel. We understand this completely and want to help you out. Hence, we provided you with an article containing the knowledge essential to becoming a cannabis marketing guru.

cannabis marketing

To start off, if you want to become successful in any type of market, you need to know who you are selling to and what the environment you’ll be operating in looks like. Deepen your knowledge of your working field -your territory- and you’ll be prepared for whatever may come your way. Of course you should focus on yourself and your own business, but don’t hide your head in the sand either as you will only blind yourself to what your competition is doing. You could easily miss out on new marketing tactics, shifts in prices and newly introduced laws, all of which would come as a surprise if you were not aware of your working field.

Just like you need to know the market, it’s important to know exactly which group of people forms your potential customers, what that group wants and how you can convince it to buy the goods from you and not from someone else. Form a clear image of the people you are going to sell to, otherwise you’ll be missing out on many customers. Only with a clear image of your clients you can fine tune your marketing even more and thus increase your profits.

There’s a contradiction in being a seller, which is that in order to make the most profit and augment your customer base, you should not think as a seller but instead think from a buyer’s perspective. This is an incredibly important concept that many experienced salesmen know of and it basically tells you to position yourself temporarily in the brain of a customer. Ask yourself questions as ‘What is important for me when I buy something?’, ‘Where do these people come often?’, ‘Which grammar and images appeal to me?’, ‘How do I dress?’, ‘What motivates me to buy cannabis?’, and so on. If people can relate to what you are presenting in your cannabis marketing they are more likely to come to you than order at an unknown shop that shows no recognition for their wishes and needs at all.

People are drawn to familiar things for the simple fact that the unknown comes with the risk of costs. You might not like the atmosphere at the new place or you might get very bad quality. Humans have the habit to pick what they know already and can empathize with, so it’s best to apply this in your marketing strategy.

One way of doing this is by going to a cannabis business expo. Here people will find everything they need to know about weed. Plus, it has already done much of the filtering of uninterested customers. These people are here for a reason: they want to know more about weed and/or buy it. Expos are rich in ‘good’ customers because the event is organized purely based on their interests. They are there because they like cannabis/marijuana, so your chances of selling something increase drastically compared to a normal situation. It’s an opportunity to make name for your company and promote yourself because you can explain why you are the best, what you offer and what separates you from the rest. Expos are good for advertisement (banners, verbal elaboration, test samples) and selling.

Secondly, it is important that you have something to offer that has (relative) value. We may be preaching to the choir here but allow us to elaborate anyway. In economics, there is a law of demand and supply. It says that if you supply a good without sufficient demand, your income will be lower than your profit i.e. you will slowly make a loss and if you do not change your strategy and lower your prices, you will go bankrupt. Obviously, nobody wants that so before you start to sell, make sure you have something to offer that has value.

Author Jim Butcher once stated ‘You don’t have to run faster than the bear to get away. You just have to run faster than the guy next to you.’ Now let’s translate that statement in to the cannabis business: you don’t have to be the best cannabis supplier in the whole world to be successful, you only need to offer more value than the suppliers working in your area. And how do you do this? By offering weed of outstanding quality or regular weed for a significant better price that people simply cannot get from your competition.

So, to become a cannabis marketing to guru you need to know who you are selling to and what those people want. You also need to offer something that has (relative) value. Marketing works best if one can recognize it and feel attracted to it so use this in your advantage on for example cannabis expos. Now that you have all the information you need, you can form a marketing strategy. If applied correctly, chances of success are high.

Cannabis Marketing on Social Media

Do you have a business revolving around the cannabis plant? Even if we are talking about the famous CBD products, known for their medicinal purposes and benefits toward health, it is still difficult to do cannabis marketing at the desired levels. Why is this happening and how can you market such a business on social media? We will get into more details concerning this aspect and see what can be done so that your CBD-related business can thrive.

Unfortunately, even if social media appears like one of the best means for marketing purposes, there are quite a few restrictions in this sector. Business belonging to the cannabis industry are placed in the same group with businesses that sell tobacco or alcohol. You may say that you are not selling products that do not trigger any psychoactive effects or are harmful to health, but the truth is that prejudices concerning the cannabis plant and products derived from it are still not completely removed. The market niche of CBD products still lacks proper regulations and in-depth scientific studies are just being made recently.

While it is an act of courage and even nobleness to swim against the current in order to give people the chance to enjoy alternative treatments, like CBD oil, you will have to play by the rules if you want to run your business without issues. This means that for unrolling cannabis marketing on social media, you will have to take into account the specifications released by the government concerning the way you can market your brand and business. Because the federal laws still classify the cannabis plant as a drug, you won’t be able to market your business on social media if it is related to the cannabis industry in any way at all. Even if you provide prescription drugs or cannabis for medicinal purposes you will still face prohibition when it comes to launching advertisers on social media on such subjects. To your surprise, this happens even in the states where the consumption of cannabis has become legal.

If you risk and decide to conduct cannabis marketing activities on social media, you may end up having your ads deleted by the social network’s admin or, in the worst case scenario, have your account completely shut down. In case you worked for a while to get followers and build a consistent audience, all your work can be compromised by such measures. This is all due to the fact that cannabis still has a drug status. Thus, it is illegal to post ads that contain or make reference to cannabis, as they are similar to advertising drugs.

Under these circumstances, investing resources in coming up with cannabis marketing campaigns on social media is a total waste. You won’t be able to use your ads and other marketing materials, as they will be removed in a short while. Also, do not forget that the social media network can also put an end to your account entirely. No one is stopping you from trying to market your products or brand this way, but, if you ask us, the risks are too high and the benefits are currently nonexistent. You will just have to find other ways to market your brand and hope that the future will bring some constructive changes in this sector.


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